Winter Tasks
(1st December – 28th February)

The following list of seasonal tasks is by no means exhaustive and is intended only as a rough guide, to illustrate the extent and variety of garden maintenance.
Clearly the calendar dates serve to clarify the seasons and many of the identified tasks can overlap by some weeks in practice.
Beds ‘n’ Borders:

  • Develop new beds/borders as required;
  • Improve soil/drainage;
  • Weeding – organically to control annual, perennial & ephemeral weeds;
  • Planting – bare root deciduous shrubs & trees;


  • Fruit trees (apples & pears)
  • Deciduous Cotoneaster, Wisteria, Clematis (Groups 2&3), Roses;
  • Hawthorn & Beech hedges;
  • Coppicing/Pollarding trees & shrubs.