Summer Tasks
(1st June – 31st August)

The following list of seasonal tasks is by no means exhaustive and is intended only as a rough guide, to illustrate the extent and variety of garden maintenance.
Clearly the calendar dates serve to clarify the seasons and many of the identified tasks can overlap by some weeks in practice.

Beds ‘n’ Borders :

  • Weeding as necessary;
  • Watering/feeding as required;
  • Removing spent foliage of spring bulbs/perennials;
  • Deadheading;
  • Dividing overgrown clumps of Primula and Polyanthus after flowering;
  • Plant out tender perennials, half hardy annuals, late summer bulbs, corms & tubers such as Dahlias and Gladioli.

Lawn Care:

  • Ongoing lawn treatments if necessary i.e. “weed & feed”, leatherjacket/chafer grub larvae control;
  • Organic control of broad-leaved lawn weeds if preferred to above, replacing with grass plugs so no holes show;


  • All spring-flowering evergreen and deciduous shrubs, taking/preparing cuttings if required;
  • Hedge trimming to most hedge plants but some, i.e. Laurel using secateurs, not a powered trimmer;
  • Pruning cherry trees in July;
  • Deadhead and remove spent flowering shoots of roses;

General maintenance:

  • Feed & water all hanging baskets and containers where necessary;
  • Ongoing controls of pests & diseases;
  • Tie in and /or support tall plants/climbers, trees etc;