The following list of seasonal tasks is by no means exhaustive and is intended only as ashapeimage_3 rough guide, to illustrate the extent and variety of garden maintenance.

Clearly the calendar dates serve to clarify the seasons and many of the identified tasks can overlap by some weeks in practice.

Beds and Borders: 
  • Develop new beds/borders as required;

  • Improve soil structure by mulching – aids drainage/moisture retention;

  • Weeding; 

  • Planting – annual/herbaceous perennials, deciduous &    evergreen shrubs & trees, climbers, roses, fruit & vegetables, herbs and summer bulbs.

Lawn Care:

  • Lawns scarified and aerated to reduce moss/improve drainage;

  • Re-define lawn edging, repairing where necessary;

  • Turfing, seeding or re-seeds as required;

  • Lawn treatments can be applied – lawn food, weed&feed, lawn sand;


  • Late winter/early spring rejuvenative pruning of summer and autumn-flowering deciduous shrubs, an example being this shrub border in early March 09 – flowering in mid-June 09.



  • By division of spring bulbs “in the green” – snowdrops & winter aconites;

  • By cuttings (heel) – hellebores, some perennials & herbs.

General maintenance:

  • Ensuring all established plants are adequately secured & fastened;

  • Constructing effective supports in situ in readiness for tall plants & constructing temporary frost protection structures to shelter emerging shoots & buds;

  • Turn compost heaps;

  • Ongoing weed control, Ongoing pest & diseases checks & controls.