Autumn Tasks
(1st September – 31st November)

The following list of seasonal tasks is by no means exhaustive and is intended only
as a rough guide, to illustrate the extent and variety of garden maintenance.

Clearly the calendar dates serve to clarify the seasons and many of the identified tasks can overlap by some weeks in practice.
Beds ‘n’ Borders:

  • Weeding;
  • Planting – Spring flowering bulbs, roses, hardy perennials, climbers, shrubs, fruit bushes and canes.

Lawn Care:

  • Increase cutting height for mowing;
  • Reduce frequency of mowing;
  • Scarify to remove moss & thatch then aerate with tines and fill holes with sharp sand to improve drainage;
  • Apply autumn feed;
  • Turfing &/or reseeding.


  • Reduce tall bush roses by one third to prevent wind rock. Likewise Buddleja davidii if necessary;
  • Cut back untidy spent perennials, leaving only those that provide “winter structure” i.e. grasses.

General maintenance:

  • Check climbing plant supports & ties, also tree ties and stakes, replacing where necessary;
  • Create hanging baskets for autumn and winter displays;
  • Lift Dahlia tubers if req’d and store for winter;
  • Construct structures to provide frost protection to tender plants that cannot be over wintered in frost-free environments.